24 March, 2010

Literary Collision

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see a second-grade class perform, Los Tres Cerditos Y El Lobo Feroz (The Three Little Pigs). As the third little pig knocked on the service window of 'Casa Depot' and ordered the bricks he would use to build his house, a girl in a stripy blue dress skipped over. 'Did someone say brick?' 'Aye yi yi. Wrong fairy tale.' Cue laughter from audience. I think I was more amused than everyone else. Why? Because I love it when fictional characters from different stories come together. Granted, most of my examples are animated. Teen Titans. The Justice League of America. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the graphic novel, NOT the movie).

Just a few days later, I happened to see a tweet by NovelNovice, a literary blog that I 'found' through Twitter. They are running a contest called, Literary Lovers Mash-Up, now through March 28th. (Click on the link to see all the deets.) Genius, I must say. And, it got my creative juices flowing so much that I woke up at 3am, unable to go back to sleep. I just had to put down the idea that showed itself as a dream. Halfway through the first story, I had another idea, and then another. I made a list, because I couldn't keep them all straight in my head.

I've decided that I want to post what I've come up with on my blog. I'd like to start showcasing some of my own work. Since the contest asks for submissions to stay under 500 words, I also thought that this would be a good way to practice KISS, in my writing. I'll post a different intro each day, until Sunday. Click on my new page, This Is Me, to see what I've penned.
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