29 March, 2010

My Reading Does Double Duty: Research and Blog Challenge

I was just cruising the site of Book Chick City, a book reviewing blog that specializes in speculative fiction. I noticed that she had several book challenges going that were open to international readers/bloggers. This part was important because BCC is based in the UK.

Why not put all of the research that I am doing to a fun use? I thought. I could kill this challenge. Even when I read a book for the purpose of reviewing it, (because, let's face it, I am guilty of skimming when I read for entertainment) I can still devour 2-3 books a week. That's between my job, and writing, and grocery shopping, and visits to the bookstore... Well, you get the idea.

It's no wonder I have insomnia; my mind, let alone my body, just doesn't understand the concept of sleep. You mean, 6-10 hours where nothing gets accomplished? Pah!

Honestly, I had noticed the reading challenges before, but this week I have spring break, which means a whole nine days off from my job. What ever will I do with all that extra time? Do I live in a hot, sunny clime, where I'd spend the time on the beach or at the pool? Have I hoarded my laundry or put off spring cleaning? Are any of my friends available during the day, when I would encounter cabin fever? Will I really spend all of the time chained to my laptop, banging out my novel? Am I going to read the books anyway? No. No. No. Realistically no. YES.

In the spirit of ultimate multi-tasking, I have decided to take on 2 (That's T-W-O, people!) book challenges that Book Chick City is sponsoring. And the best part, I've already done some of the work. *modestly pats self on the back*. I love it when I've already got my foot in the door. Ok, enough gloating.
Until next read,

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