11 April, 2010

Book Review: Come Hell or High Water by Michele Bardsley


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COME HELL OR HIGH WATER by Michele Bardsley, is a new addition to a humorous paranormal romance series. The BROKEN HEART series involves a whole community of humans that were turned by a 'feral' vampire attack. Each book tells the tale of one of these people. What else sets Broken Heart, Oklahoma apart from the typical small town? Almost all of the inhabitants are single parents.

Looking for love, adjusting to fangs and battling an uber-demon, is the order of the day for Phoebe Allen in COME HELL OR HIGH WATER. It all starts when she has an impulsive rendezvous with sexy Scot, Conner Ballard. Conner turns out to be more than she bargained for. After one night, she finds herself mated to a half-fae. Even worse, the other half is demon!

Throw in a hellhound that looks like a chihuahua and an appearance-changing sister-in-law, and mayhem is sure to occur. Luckily for Phoebe, her son is safely at Disney World with his father. But, that doesn't stop her from worrying about him, especially when she ends up in Hell, courtesy of her new 'husband'.

Her ex thinks she's dead. A very scary demon named Lilith wants her dead. And a prophesy that she would rather have no part in might just be about to come to pass. Phoebe and Conner will be kept on their toes, as they try to defeat Lilith and figure out where their relationship stands.

Michele Bardsley has created a great series in BROKEN HEART, and COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, continues the tradition well. Each novel could be read alone for an enjoyable read, but having read the previous books, I feel that I appreciated this one all the more. What makes the books so easy to jump into is the handy directory in the back, that details the characters and The Ancients (first vampires). There is even a glossary of terms that she uses in the book.

This book will be taking its place on my bookshelf, next to the all others in the series. I recommend it to readers who enjoy a humorous paranormal romance, a spunky and strong heroine, and a sexy half-demon.

For more, and a spoiler or two, go check out my Good Reads review.

My Rating: 11/15 Recommend
Bonus Cover Points: 4.5/5

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