24 April, 2010

A Spark of an Idea

Recently, I have noticed that there are many YA authors going on tour in late spring and early summer. Obviously related to the veritable bonanza of YA titles that have, or are, coming out in the first half of the year. And what always happens to me, is that the authors that I would love to meet (and yes, get to sign a book or two) are not coming anywhere near me. Not to my town. Not to my city. Not even to my state. Can you guess the letdown that I have after that realization?

But, 2010 is my vindication. Cassandra Clare and Holly Black are coming to the Philadelphia area. For Two Events. Melissa Marr is making an appearance nearby. Even Charlaine Harris is going to be signing books (though, she isn't technically a YA author, she still writes good books for the paranormal genre). However, in my own elation, I have not forgotten those that aren't so lucky. Since I have been in the same position, I feel like I could try to give back.

And now that I have my blog, I also have a medium for giving back.

So, I had this idea running around in my head. For a contest, but not really a contest. Or a giveaway, but not really a giveaway. It would really be more of an opportunity. I thought that I could offer the opportunity for people who are total fangirls (or guys, I'm not prejudiced) for any of the authors that I named above to get a signed book.

Maybe you don't live where these authors are going to tour. Or maybe you do, but you can't attend the event. Whatever the reason, I would provide the book, go to the signing, and then mail the newly signed book. Voila!

Again, this is just a spark of an idea right now. I will have to figure out the books (one for each author) and the method of advertising the contest, as well as the entry form.

Watch this space...

Until next read,

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