04 May, 2010

First Winners in Book Giveaway

Winners Announced!

And the lucky person that will receive Club Dead is...

Ooh, it's an international winner...

Cherry from the UK!: @cherrymischivus

White Cat goes to...

Courtney!: @courtneyyrae

 And the winner of Tithe is...

Sarah!: @sarahnfisk

I've already notified the winners by email and Twitter.

I am working on Melissa Marr right now. I will notify the two winners later today, and *hopefully* will finish the Cassandra Clare entries. I saved her for last because she had the most entries. But, I promise to have all of the winners by tomorrow at 6pm.

Thanks again for participating. I will definitely be doing more giveaways in the future!

Until next read, 


  1. Yikes!!! I won! I won! *happy dance*

    Thank you Alise, you, beautiful, you!!

    And congratulations to the other winners!!

  2. Hello!

    First I would like to say congrats to the winners.

    Next, hello! I am a new follower. There are many great books here which I would love to get or are sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. Great reviews and such. Looking forward to reading great reviews and all. :)

  3. Great job with the contest. Congrats ladies!

  4. :-D I'm so excited, even more so now because I'm going to miss the Florida Holly Black signing tomorrow. :-(


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