24 June, 2010

A Flash Of Fiction: Day One (JUNE)


I received this book from my local public library
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Lady Maccon (nee Alexia Tarabotti) makes a return appearance in CHANGELESS, a follow-up to SOULLESS by Gail Carriger. In this novel, Lady Alexia discovers that almost the whole of London's supernaturals (the vampires and werewolves) are suddenly human. What could have caused such a thing to occur?

Lord Maccon, Alpha werewolf for the London pack, finds himself unable to change form also, after sneaking off to Scotland. Lady Alexia finds that she must trouble herself to follow her husband, in order to discover the reason for the abundance of humanity all around her.

Of course, returning to her husband's old pack, also means that she has to meet the in-laws, such as they are. But, Alexia tries to handle herself with as much aplomb as possible while fending off the amorous advances of both her husband, and their mysterious guest, Madame Lefoux. While ignoring the animosity from Lord Maccon's previous pack members, uncovering vampire secrets, and engaging in such entertainment as unwrapping a decades-old mummy, Lady Alexia provides as much delightful entertainment in CHANGELESS, as she did in SOULLESS!

I Liked -- Plot: I did enjoy reading about the development in Lady and Lord Maccon's personal relationship, as well as the mystery that they are charged in solving. But, the stronger steampunk elements in this second novel were what appealed most strongly to me. I was really interested in hearing about the aethographor that played a seminal part in the plot. And, after Alexia's adventures "floating", I found it hard not to imagine jumping at the chance to take part in a dirigible ride, if the occasion should ever come to be!

I Liked -- Character: Though he didn't have as large an involvement in CHANGELESS as he did in SOULLESS, Professor Lyall remains one of my favorite characters, so far in the series. He is the perfect foil to Lord Maccon's rather brash, rowdy, so very werewolf personality. Carriger describes Lyall as being much less imposing, as a man, than her own husband. However, even the most unassuming man can be a fearsome werewolf.

My Rating: 12.5/15 Highly Recommend

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  1. Looks like a fun read.I love finding new authors to me.
    can't wait to read your book.



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