02 June, 2010

My BEA Experience: Part One

BEA: The Authors That I Accosted

I'm sure that I got everyone's attention with that header. It's true. I entered the Jacob Javits Center on Wednesday, May 26. Guess what I left at the door? Apparently, it was my sense of shame. Maybe even, my sense of decorum. Now, I didn't try anything rude with the authors that I saw wandering around the show floor. But, I was not afraid to approach someone that I admired.

The first author that I saw, not at a signing or ARC giveaway, was Dia Reeves. She is the very talented author of Bleeding Violet. I was reaching down to get a copy of Sapphique (please excuse me now for the blatant name-dropping), and she was right behind me! And she took a picture of me and my sister, because I drooled all over her. Not literally. I hope.

Later, I was waiting in an autographing line, when I spotted Anastasia Hopcus. Her book, Shadow Hills is one that I am eagerly anticipating. And, due to the overwhelmingness (word?) that is the BEA show floor, I missed them being given away. Arggh. However, meeting her almost makes up for that. Almost. Here, I've got a picture of us!

Also spotted Violet Haberdasher, the author of Knightley Academy waiting in an autographing line. I was seriously thinking, shouldn't being an author yourself mean you don't have to wait in line? I guess the answer is, no. But, I loved that BEA put everyone on equal ground. And, I also loved that being a book blogger was a cool thing. Several authors that I talked to remembered me from my Twitter gushing about their books.

Other authors of note that I had a bit of a chat with were: Elizabeth Scott/Ivy Devlin Low Red Moon, Beth Kephart Dangerous Neighbors, Jeri Smith-Ready Shade, Mary Osborne Nonna's Book of Mysteries.

It was a really great experience. I truly thank the Book Blogger Convention and their contributors for sending me there. (I won one of the Scholarship Funds that paid for my registration!)

Scholarship Fund Recipient #3

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Stay tuned for my post about the Book Blogger Convention. I met so many great people from all parts of the industry there. And, I will be giving away ARCs and galleys throughout the summer. I know, that's the part that everyone wanted me to say four paragraphs ago. But, I made you wait.

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