31 July, 2010

A Flash of Fiction: Day Two (JULY)


I won this book from the author, in a contest hosted by Moira Rogers
Picture courtesy of Good Reads

Richard Everson prowls the night, where other humans wouldn't dare venture. Since his world was overrun by nightmare creatures, he hunts them down and kills numerous nasties, so that people can live without fear. But, the nasties keep coming, so Richard shoots first, and never has regrets.

Until the night that he meets Jennifer. Dawn has just come, and he is ready to relinquish his vigil, when the naked woman takes his breath away. She seems unconcerned by her appearance, and the two have so much spark between them, the air fairly crackles. Richard will have to deny his certainty that Jennifer's one of the nasties, to continue a scorching affair that is against all of the rules.

I Liked -- Plot: The set-up of the novella is very clever. I really like how Devin Harnois isolated Richard. He is a warrior, a loner, and he has to fight the nasties on his own. His choice, but it also leaves the door open for when he does meet Jennifer. Here is someone that tempts him to abandon his control, as well as his preconceptions about the creatures that haunt his world.

I Liked -- Character: Jennifer is a really interesting character. Though the reader doesn't really have a chance to be inside her head, it is obvious that she is self-sufficient, and confident. Whether that has to do with her dual nature, or the fact that she is forced into loneliness, is irrelevant. She has adapted to her surroundings, and is written as a perfect foil to Richard. Because of her dual nature, she has to be the one to break down his barriers, or his loss of control doesn't have the same impact.

My Rating: 12.5/15 Highly Recommend (Adults Only 18+)

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