07 August, 2010

Dirty Laundry and Hot Lovin'!


I received this e-galley from the publisher, Carina Press, via NetGalley
Picture courtesy of Good Reads

Nora MacGregor is used to thinking of sex in cold, clinical, and technical terms. As a scientist, she has collected copious notes, detailing her research of the power of sex. When she loses those notes, she is willing to do something way outside of her comfort zone to get them back.

Enter Jarod. He's the man who has found Nora's notes. He's also the man who has decidedly naughty thoughts of Nora between his sheets. One wrong turn leads Jarod down the path of being her 'phone sex' lover. It's a chance for him to explore the feelings that he has for Nora, and to bring those feeling out in her. But, the persuasion and deception of 'James' might just ruin any real-life chance that Jarod has with the only girl of his dreams.

So, right off, I will say that there was something that bothered me in this novella. Jarod held all of the power in their relationship. And not really in a good power exchange kind of way. He knew who Nora was, and became attracted to her. But, she was attracted, or even conflicted in her attraction to the alias, 'James'. While he was able to coax her out of her scientific shell by using this anonymous personality, if there hadn't been the insight into his motivations, I would have definitely had a creepy, stalker vibe from Jarod.

Recently, I read the first novella in the DIRTY LAUNDRY series, COIN OPERATED. (See my review here.) It is also written by Ginny Glass. I have to say that I enjoyed COIN OPERATED much more than I did TALK DIRTY TO ME. In trying to analyze my feelings, I'm a little stuck on whether it is because the first novella just struck my fancy more. That is to say, did I like it better because I identified better with the characters? Or was it the subject matter that pushed my buttons, in the right way? Probably both, to some degree.

In the end though, if I was being objective, and not rating TALK DIRTY TO ME, as compared to COIN OPERATED, I did enjoy reading it. It was a well-written read. It explored the emotional response between the two main characters, as well as within their own consciousness. Nora's clinical look at sex was cleverly broken down by 'James' without having a face-to-face encounter, while her interaction with Jarod was sweet and endearing.

3/5 for plot
3/5 for characters
3.5/5 for language

My Rating: 9.5/15 Worth Trying
Bonus Cover Points: 4/5

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