01 August, 2010

A Flash of Fiction: Day Three (JULY)


I received this e-galley from the author as a promotion for the book.
Picture courtesy of Good Reads

Joan Fuller is on the run from a powerful Alpha werewolf. She's allied herself with a vampire, an unheard of alliance, and now she needs help bringing the rest of her ragtag group of werewolves to safety. Though she's strong, the Alpha she's running from would seek to break her, and she has too much at stake to let that happen. Joan is out of a home, and out of options.

Seamus Whelan just wants to savor the fruits of his labor, namely the profits he's made from his bootlegging business. At a time when alcohol is prohibited, but very much in demand due to The Great Depression, he's made his fortune. But, first he will repay a favor to a friend. This favor leads him straight to Joan. Out of necessity, they will forge a path to sanctuary, and build a home for them both.

I Liked -- Plot: There was such an urgency that was built by the language while I was reading. It directly echoed the urgency and danger that Joan and her group of werewolves were facing. I liked how the reader was dropped straight into the story, which probably was necessary, because this is a novella. However, it kept up the pace. I was able to feel the emotions that Joan had: the danger, the fear, the concern for her responsibilities, and her despair that they might not get away. I was almost upset at the end that the story was so short!

I Liked -- Character: Joan was such a strong character in A SAFE HARBOR. Usually when wolves are concerned, the males overshadow the females, because they are so alpha. And, yes, Sean was a very sexy and attractive character (werewolf bootlegger, hello?!), but Joan was the character that shone for me. She was independent and alpha, in her own right. But, she retained that femaleness that allowed her to truly care about the wolves in her keeping. Even when she had to make the hard decisions about who lived, or who died.

My Rating: 13/15 Highly Recommend


  1. Love this series - just started Safe Harbor today!

  2. I started the prequel recently myself, and so, am very much looking forward to reading more of her work! :)


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