26 August, 2010

Shadow Hills E-Book Available Now

August 24, 2010 was a very big day for many readers. Yes, that is my try at an oblique reference to Mockingjay. I'm not going to lie. I was at a midnight release party at my local indie. I stayed up until 4:30am reading the book in one sitting. I crashed and burned and overslept Wednesday morning.

But, something else pretty cool happened on Tuesday also. And, that was the e-book release of SHADOW HILLS by Anastasia Hopcus.

Since I got my Nook in April, I have found how convenient it is to download e-books from Barnes and Noble. Immediate gratification. And slightly nicer to my wallet. Know what else is cool about B&N and Amazon? You don't have to have an e-reader to access their electronic library. Download to your PC or MAC for the same quick availability.

So, go ahead. Get clicky clicky on those links. Yeah, right now!

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