01 September, 2010

Cassandra Clare in Exton, PA (or how I got my Clockwork Angel)

I'll pretty much let my pictures do the talking, but I gotta get a little fangirl SQUEEE! out of the way. Cassandra Clare is such a nice person in real life, AND she actually does signings in my area. (This is the third time that she's been to Pennsylvania this year!) I picked up my copy this morning, got my swatch that identified where I'd be in line, and the rest is history.

Cassie answered questions, and talked a little about the research that she did for CLOCKWORK ANGEL, including visiting London six times!

Kindly posing for a photo with me.

And once more. This time including Michelle (left) awesome bookseller and blogger over at Michelle's Minions, and minus my glasses. (Books are a priority, contacts sadly, aren't.)

Lovely to look at; lovely to eat. And close up - the book cover in icing.

The Book. And Swag. (Including a lovely purple journal that Cassie gave me when I mentioned the blog!) Which will all be given away here, next week. Stay tuned!

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