29 October, 2010

Eight Days of Halloween- Day Four: Sinjin Sinclair Takes Over

I am very happy to welcome Sinjin Sinclair to Read My Mind for Eight Days of Halloween. He's the uber vamp and gentleman (sometimes!) of H.P. Mallory's novel, FIRE BURN AND CAULDRON BUBBLE. Sinjin wants to set some things straight about "real" vamps, in honor of Halloween or Samhain or Devils' Night. Whatever you prefer to call the last days of October, let's have a word from a true creature of the night.

The dire circumstance of the vampire in entertainment today
By Sinjin Sinclair, vampire

I was asked by Ms. Hill to write an expose regarding the plight of the vampire in the modern world. Ah, where to begin? Perhaps I should preface this post by educating the audience on the fact that I, myself, am a vampire. I am more than six hundred years old and in my lifetime, I have seen the vampire metamorphose from a rather grandiose, reverenced and feared character into the glittering subject of teenage salivation. Disgusting. We are vampires, we do not glow in the sunlight—we explode in the sunlight.

Entertainment depicting the vampire in yesteryear was true entertainment. Bram Stoker’s portrayal of Dracula was art imitating life. The Count is a true spokesperson for the vampire—someone to be feared and admired. And Stoker well represented the sensuality of the vampire. I often wonder if Mr. Stoker was not a vampire himself, for he painted us so expertly well.

I shake my head when I consider the vampire of today according to the narrow scope of Hollywood. I could not allow myself to witness the pain that was Twilight. Once I learned our kind was represented as glittering and climbing trees like squirrels, I merely swallowed my disgust. And this True Blood which seems to have captivated modern young women…I do not know what to say about it although I do see a similarity between myself and the vampire Eric. I must admit that I have found hours of enjoyment reading Stephen King and his representation of the vampire race in Salem’s Lot.

In conclusion, as a vampire, I am not glittery nor do I climb trees. And I do not drive a Volvo. I am something to be feared and respected. If you are female, I am something to be desired.

I am the vampire Sinjin.

H.P. Mallory


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I'll be reviewing FIRE BURN AND CAULDRON BUBBLE as part of the Eight Days of Halloween tomorrow, so come back to see what I thought. But, don't forget to check out H.P.'s other novel, TO KILL A WARLOCK. Here's my review.

And coming soon, continuing the adventures of Jolie, Rand, and hopefully more of Sinjin, is TOIL AND TROUBLE.


  1. OMG! I love Sinjin. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing. I will have an interview up with Sinjin & Rand in a few days. Hope you'll stop by. I'm now also following your blog.

  2. Thanks for following! I'll come check out what Rand has to say.


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