08 December, 2010

Riddle Me This Holiday Giveaway

Ok, I'm going to do something TOTALLY different from any other giveaway that I have conducted before at Read My Mind. This is an semi-epic giveaway because it has three different parts to it, there will be multiple chances to win, and I will have 6 different winners by the end.

The first part: Riddle Me This -- This contest will be the backbone of the whole giveaway. I've taken some cryptic pictures of three popular YA books that have come out in 2010. Each time I post a square, there will be a chance to guess the title of the book. Points will be awarded on a sliding scale, and the winner is chosen from the highest scorers. Simple right?

Just in case your puzzle skills aren't top notch, I have a mystery YA book/swag prize that will go to a random Riddle Me This entrant.

The second part: I'll be posting a review of the newest Carrie Jones' novel, Entice on December 12th. Bloomsbury will be kindly donating a book for giveaway, so come back for a chance to win. Bloomsbury is responsible for shipping the book to the winner, and can only ship to U.S. addresses, so please enter only if you fit the criteria. Additional details will accompany the post.

The third part: I will also have an adult UF/PNR giveaway on December 16th. Additional details will accompany the post.

Riddle Me This Rules:
1. Open Internationally
2. Must be 13 years of age, or older
3. Enter ONCE for each post
4. Must fill out forms completely for entry to count
5. Start by filling out the Riddle Me This Master Entry. Click Here
6. For EVERY correct guess you will be awarded the points due that post. Guess a different title each post, or if you are certain you have the right answer, guess the same title each time!
7. The contest runs until December 18th. Winnings will be mailed out on the 20th, hopefully to be delivered before Christmas, if in the U.S. International winners will hopefully receive before New Years'.

Here is the first puzzle piece:

Got a guess? Fill out the following form to enter.


  1. This is fun! I hope I guessed the book :)

  2. Great giveaway! And fun :) I'm sorry if my guess went through twice, my internet was messing up so I had to submit again.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  3. Thanks for this fun contest! I love testing my memory! :)

  4. Just a note to everyone who is entering: If you are chosen a winner, you must have the Riddle Me this Master Entry filled out, here. If you didn't fill it out yet but took a guess, please visit the form, so that your entries will count.

  5. Funn fuun! :D Great Contest Lillie!


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