21 January, 2011

Uno, dos, tres...Start the fiesta!

Bloggiesta the Fourth is well on its way, and I am gearing up to take part. This is my starting line post, so I've got some goals that I intend to complete during the weekend. I'll bold the items that I have completed, and italicize the items that I start. Some things might be ongoing during the weekend, so I want an option for the things that won't be one and done. Let's take a look at what I'll be doing.

--archive reviews that I have posted between December and the present

-possibly relocate some of content in my sidebars

--display the blog/book tours where I am a member

--figure out how I want to display the information for the challenges that I am attempting

--figure out a way to better organize my review archive

--make a template for my reviews to include publisher, date release, series, author/book links, and if you liked recommendations

--create a privacy policy

--return review requests emails

--visit the blogs of the book tour that I participate in and leave introductory/salutatory comments

--create a google doc to organize/plan my review, guest post, or author interview post dates for the next 60 days

--create a google doc to organize the ARC tour books that I will be receiving, as well as the ones that I express interest in

--create a google doc to organize the e-books for review that have expiration dates (S&S galley grab and NetGalley books)

--make a schedule of the review books, and personal books that I want to read for the next 60 days

--write reviews for the backlog of books that I have finished reading (7-8 reviews)

--update my challenges with the books that I have read for the month and link review pages

And, now to get started!


  1. Wow. You've set yourself quite a list to work through this weekend. Good luck getting it all done. It looks like you've already made a good start. :-)

  2. I'm glad you've been making progress on your list! I hope you get tons done tomorrow too!

    Good luck!

  3. Good luck with your Bloggiesta!New follower! Stop by and say hi if you get a chance!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Man, I wish I had your drive. You go get 'em!

  5. Good luck with all of your goals! It's such a fun weekend to do all of this work together!

  6. You've got a lot of great goals for this weekend! Good luck!


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