10 June, 2011

BEA: A Pictorial Cause I'm Too Lazy To Do A Big Write-Up And I'm Sure Everyone Is Sick Of Hearing About That Book Event By Now Anyway

So yes. I was there. And it was awesome. I've already read so many posts about BEA, that I wondered whether I should even bother doing one myself. But, then I realized that the reason I did read all of those posts about BEA is that I love seeing each person (blogger, author, or industry professional) and their perspective on this massive gathering of all things publishing.

Here's what I'm doing different. This will mainly be a showcase of the pictures that I took, and the people that I met. I'm not going to do much explanation, except to set up the photos. Some of this is because I am just being lazy about the write-up, some of it is because I don't remember all of the details, and some is just because there has been so much written that I would just like to share my birds-eye view.

Simon and Schuster Blogger Preview 2011

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures during the program. Author Elizabeth Miles did a presentation about her upcoming release, Fury. (It's good, you should put it on your wishlist) We got a preview of some of the fall/winter releases that are being promoted at the publishing house, and later Ellen Hopkins spoke about her upcoming release, Perfect and read several excerpts. It was really nice to be in a room full of people that all love books, and I liked the open and friendly attitude that the whole Simon and Schuster team projected.

After, the publishing house treated the whole blogger group to a trip to the "Top of the Rock", the observation deck of Rockefeller Center. Though it was too overcast to have any kind of visibility, it was still pretty cool to be up there. I took a picture of me with my ticket (I save tickets and stubs from all of my vacations!) and using the black and white filter on the Droid, I snapped a picture of our lovely Simon and Schuster hostesses.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
BEA Show Floor and Author Signings

On the BEA Show Floor, I took some snaps, mostly of the author signings that I attended, but there is also the BEA entrance and the revealed cover of the hotly anticipated Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare.

Wednesday Night
BEA Blogger Dinner

I also attended the BEA Blogger Dinner arranged and co-hosted by friend and fellow blogger Damaris of Good Choice Reading and Yara of Once Upon A Twilight. At Dallas BBQ, I had a chance to meet and talk to some of the bloggers that were attending BEA. It was a lovely evening thanks to the planning of the two hostesses, and I loved that A.M. Robinson, author of Vampire Crush, Emma Michaels, author of The Thirteenth Chime and Kristi Cook, author of Haven, joined the party, too!

A.M. Robinson
Kristi Cook
Emma Michaels

Stay tuned over the weekend for more pictures from the Book Blogger Convention and my Books of BEA!


  1. It looks like you had a ton of fun here in NYC!! So jealous that you got to meet Julie ;)
    Enjoy all your books!

  2. I am glad you had fun thanks for sharing and letting me enjoy it vicariously through you.


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