23 June, 2011

Event Announcement, Questions, and Some Book Porn Walk Into a Bar...

So here's the thing:
My *mumble mumble* birthday (let's call it 28 + 3) is fast approaching on June 30th. Since I didn't celebrate my blogoversary way back in March, I was thinking of doing an EVENT. I would love to give away more of the books that I picked up at BEA, and some of the once-read books that I have on my bookshelf. I'm thinking that I will start the celebration on June 28th and let it run for a week, maybe 10 days.

The thing is:
I tend to give away books that I love, and books that I think other readers will want. Sometimes there's an overlap, other times I just listen to the buzz on Twitter and other blogs. Am I doing a good job? Here's your chance to speak out! These are the books I read in 2011 that I gave 5 stars (Click the link to go to my goodreads 5 star stats page). And you can also see the books I gave 4 stars.

Questions to my readers:
What books have you read this year (doesn't have to have been published in 2011) that you absolutely loved?

What books do you desperately want to read?

What books would you be interested in a contest/giveaway for?

I took some snaps of a few books I was thinking of giving away during this event. Here's the book porn!:

These are 4 of the books that I picked up at BEA, which I have a spare copy.

Fair warning: I want these books to either go to a person that has a high probability of reviewing, or has been a loyal follower. So there's a good chance that I will make a few of the giveaways for current followers of the blog and/or verifiable bloggers/reviewers.

Some of the books on my shelf that I would like to share. All have been read once by me, but are in really good to like-new condition.

I don't want to leave out my international followers, so I will have one or two giveaways where the books will be shipped by the Book Depository, also.

Please leave comments answering the questions I asked above!

It's my birthday, but I want to give back to my readers, and the only way to give what you want is if you tell me. I'll be planning the event this weekend, so please leave suggestions, likes, desires between now and June 26th.



  1. Remmeber, this year you get to start counting backwards ;)
    I desperately want to read Forever, and the other three in that first picture. :)
    One of my favorites I read this year (first to come to mind) was Nevermore by Kelley Creagh. Fabulous.
    I'm interested in giveaways for YA. I don't read adult fiction.


  2. I'm actually going through a classics phase: "Wuthering Heights", "Jane Eyre" etc.

    Catherynne M. Valente’s "The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making" - the title alone beckons.

    Kalayna Price's Alex Craft series would be incredible reading.




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