01 April, 2012

#Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge #1: Back Up Your Blog

I like to tinker around in my HTML. I do this pretty frequently, so I know the value of having a back-up of my template. Do I go back and save it regularly? Uhh. I pretty much only save whenever I've made changes. So, The Book Vixen's Bloggiesta mini-challenge was the perfect chance for me to get up to date.

I have a WordPress account that I've never used, except to comment on blogs that require a log-in. Now, I have a private back-up with all of my Blogger posts imported ready, just in case. I've downloaded my template and comments to my hard drive, as well as the Amazon cloud (another account I never use). All of my photos are saved in Picasa in the order that they were downloaded to my blog.

And last, but not least, I've pre-set notifications in my calendar to remind me to back-up all components of my blog once a week.

This is something that I should have done long ago, and now I feel better prepared should I encounter any trouble.

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