01 May, 2012

The Last Girl by Kitty Thomas (18+ Review)

Published: February 2012

Series: none
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From Good Reads:
Six years ago strangers broke into Juliette’s house; she was home alone and only thirteen. She kept her eyes closed, praying that if she didn’t see anything, she wouldn’t be killed. No one harmed her. In fact, one of the thieves protected her. Now Juliette’s dreams are haunted by him.

Christian has waited to take her, resisting the urge each night. It always ends badly with human pets. They’re too fragile. The longer he can wait, the better, because the moment he takes her, the clock on her life starts ticking down.

Then she’ll be gone forever.

My Review:
Kitty Thomas' books are those that leave you a little shaken up, a little uncomfortable, and more than likely, with your comfort zone pushed just a little farther away than it was when you first started reading. Anyway, that's how I feel every time I decide to read one of her books. THE LAST GIRL continued this tradition in its own unique, but patently Thomas way.

What I like most about Thomas' work is that, though sexuality and boundaries and fantasy (not the Lord of the Rings kind) is at the core of her writing, I always feel that the psychology of me as a person, and humanity in general, is what really gets stimulated. THE LAST GIRL deals with a struggle by the male character Christian, to in equal parts take out his dark hungers on Juliette, and restrain himself enough so that she stays alive. He is not human, and Thomas writes a character that does not think like a human. She writes a character that does things unimaginable in real life, yet isn't really a villain either.

THE LAST GIRL, as well as most of Thomas' work explores the idea of what some might consider despicable acts, by an amoral man, and yet I find, every single one of her books has a seductive allure. Juliette is an interesting character against Christian. An encounter with a man years earlier, leaves her with an unexplainable and inexplicable yearning for something. Juliette is an intelligent young woman, and I never feel that she is a victim of Christian's.Though she doesn't choose to be with him, and she cannot leave, in my eyes, to call her a victim would demean the basis of the character that Thomas created.

THE LAST GIRL is an adult book for an audience of open-minded people that would agree, exploring fantasies in fiction does not mean condoning the same acts in real life. This book led me on a very dark journey, but one that reminded me of the utter mindfuck I felt after reading Thomas' first novel, COMFORT FOOD. Between psychology and sexuality, THE LAST GIRL straddles a line that I might not walk without the guidance of Thomas.

5/5 for plot
5/5 for characters
4.5/5 for language

My Rating: 14.5/15 (5 stars)

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