07 May, 2012

Spring Blog Carnival: Ferris Wheel

Welcome, welcome. Are you ready to experience the Spring Blog Carnival? See what's in store using the CARNIVAL MAP. Make your way around all of the booths and try your luck!

Step right up to the Ferris Wheel. Round and round you go. This ride is For Adults Only (18+). 2 winners will have a chance at a First In A Series Book Prize from the romance selection below.

Print (US/International. 2 Winners):

  • When Blood Calls and When Pleasure Rules by J.K. Beck
  • How To Flirt With A Naked Werewolf and The Art of Seducing A Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper
  • Mind Games and Double Cross by Carolyn Crane


Give me the challenge. In 3 sentences or less, re-write the blurb from one of your favorite books that is first in a series (at least 3 books currently published) as a blind item. One winner will be chosen by me from my favorite of the entries. One winner will be randomly chosen via rafflecopter.

Need a helping hand on the Ferris Wheel?

Ex: Mysterious woman spotted with powerful leader and sinfully decadent bachelor. Rumors abound that she has him breathing fire with desire while more dangerous events shimmer on the horizon for both.
(The book would be DRAGON BOUND by Thea Harrison)

  • Must be 18+
  • Enter via rafflecopter and leave comment on this post
  • Ends May 13th, 11:59pm

Thanks to Reading Angel, Candice's Book Blog, and Pure Imagination for hosting the Carnival!

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  2. Haha, forgot not to put the title of the book...sorry. 2nd time lucky :)

    A heart-wrenching tale of how a man became a God. He is the only Atlantean God left walking this earth, his past seals him off from all who would hold him close...can one hammer wielding woman break through his defences?

    Vikki @ V's Book Life

  3. A Loving Tale Of A Girl Who Has discovered Love ,Power,Magic and more. Can She Wield the power given to her and keep the 2 men who both fight to win her love.
    Glamour By Penelope Fletcher

  4. The best succubus in Hell's domain is sarcastic and never listens to what her boss wants. This time, however, it may be in her best interest, because while she's just trying to live a normal life- you would too after centuries of causing chaos, other immortals may be trying to eliminate her and her friends from the game.

  5. Is 24 hours long enough to fall in love? A plane ride to London and a cute stranger to sit by will sparks fly? Is love at first site really possible, find out in this cute romance about fate!!!

  6. Winter is coming to this fantasy world. Family is everything, lust runs high and blood will flow.


  7. A savage warrior who dies every night.An innocent woman struggling with her abilities.They are drawn together with desire but with demons to overcome and gods against them will they have a chance at happy ever after?

    justjanhvi at gmail dot com

  8. She is sexy and sarcastic. But....she also sees dead people and helps to solve their deaths. All the while trying to figure out her relationship with the son of satan.

    Thank you!


  9. A quiet woman born with a curse to see those people others cannot. Her job brings her in contact with many of them she tries to ignore for fear of horrible repercussions. She meets a man oblivious to the dangers surrounding him, and only she can help, if she ignores the warnings she's lived with her entire life.

  10. Half-Vampire/half-human woman likes to kill vampires for fun. She then meets her match with a sexy-as-sin british vampire bounty hunter. Together they are goin after a sadistic vampire.

    This was so fun to write & to read others descriptions! Thanks for the great giveaway!


  11. After getting drunk on her birthday, woman releases gorgeous sex slave from a book. They fall in love. Together they have to battle the gods to break the curse.


  12. An enigmatic, attractive contoll freek man stucked in his "ivory tower". A young innocent girl, who has no idea what's she getting into. Erotica. Love. Desparation. Darkness. Passion. A man tormented by demons of his past. Can the girl deal with his darkness and show him the light of the life?

    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Chained gods bound to serve sadistic leaders of a tilted world strive to break free with the assistance of a fierce and clever warrior woman.

    bethwade1 at gmail dot com

  14. Coyote among the woves, she must cope with their so yummy but infuriating alpa, fairies and vampires while keeping her real nature hidden a woman behind the grease and mechanic work.


  15. Violet can detect the dead and release them from their unrest, but who is looking after her? Enter her best friend...

  16. What do a small town out of nowhere, werewolves, the Russian Mafia and a normal girl have in common? And what about the sexy guys just arrived at school and mysterys going around?

  17. A young women begins her journey of justice and maturity after the brutal murder of her sister. With the dubious help of an enigmatic bookstore owner she begins her quest. But what happens when the walls come falling down?

  18. A teenage girl's life is crumbling around her, and to make matters worse, she has a stalker only she can see. After getting shipped off to a camp for "troubled teens," she's dealt a whole new set of problems, including having no idea just what she is. And how's she supposed to figure anything out with her vampire and witch roommates constantly fighting and werewolf and fae boys vying for her attention?

    (Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter)

  19. He lives, thanks to an elixir, for centuries and yet the one thing he needs to sustain his existence has been stolen. His life, the life of his wife, now rests in the hands of two twins who haven't got a clue. Has it all come down to this?
    Thanks for the contest!
    draoi7383 @ yahoo.com

  20. An ancient druid is hiding from angry gods in the desert, disguised as a twentysomething college student/business owner. Thank goodness he has a sausage-obsessed dog, whiskey-loving Irish widow, and a dangerously sexy goddess of death on his side because all hell is going to break loose!


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