22 April, 2010

Book Review: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins


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Because of the synopsis, I expected the prologue of HEX HALL to explain the circumstances behind Sophie finding out that she was a witch. However, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that this was no 'awakening to her inner power' beginning.

The start drew me in and kept me on my toes. There was a great blend of humor, suspense, and paranormal creatures in this book. Where most fantasy involves two opposing elements (ex. werewolves v. vampires, witches v. humans), Rachel Hawkins has identified different types of paranormal teens, and then sent them to boarding school together.

Not only does Sophie have to deal with the friction of being both the 'new kid', and the roommate of the least liked girl in school, she soon discovers that murder and mystery haunt the halls of her school. Even worse, Sophie finds out that the boy she likes is most definitely not what he seems.

In between dodging the 'mean witches' clique, trying to improve her own skills, and possibly clearing her roommate's name, Sophie and HEX HALL take the reader into the world of the Prodigium. I admit, the ending left me a little unsatisfied, but that's because it is clear that Sophie Mercer's story is just beginning. Rachel Hawkins is clearly ramping up to expose more secrets, and maybe even include a clash with L'Occhio di Dio, the deadly witch hunters. 

I had a good time reading this book. It doesn't overwhelm with difficult prose. I found myself reading it in a short period of time, because the story kept me involved.

I did feel that Asher's abrupt exit, so close to the end, and the subsequent focus on Alice, was slightly disconcerting. However, Rachel Hawkins wrote a fun book that sets itself apart in the world of YA fantasy.

Go deeper with my review on Good Reads, which will contain spoilers.

My Rating: 10.5/15 Recommend
Bonus Cover Points: 5/5

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