19 April, 2010

Book Review: the Vampire and the Virgin by Kerrelyn Sparks


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THE VAMPIRE AND THE VIRGIN is the eighth book in the LOVE AT STAKE series written by Kerrelyn Sparks. I have read all of the previous books. It is not necessary to be familiar with them, in order to read this one. Yes, the character Robby MacKay has shown up in previous novels. Yes, most of the other vampire characters mentioned have had their story told. Yes, the reader will appreciate the personalities and situations of the secondary characters, as well as the secondary plotline, if the series is read from beginning to end.

BUT, Kerrelyn Sparks tells the story of Robby and Olivia for new readers, while incorporating the ongoing battle with the Malcontents for devoted readers, without creating a sense of 'what's the heck's going on?' or 'I'll just skip this rehash of the other books'.

Olivia is intrigued by Robby when she see him jogging on the beach. Likewise, for Robby, when he spots Olivia. But, she is ever cautious when it comes to men. He is consumed with thoughts of revenge on his captors. And then there is the little matter of her special talent, empathy. Robby is the first man that the Human Lie Detector (her nickname from her FBI associates) can't read.

While Olivia confesses her secret to Robby fairly early in the book, (thus revealing to the reader her virgin status; she can't be with a man who she can't trust) Robby has to continue to hide his undead status from her. However endearing he may be, blind trust is not something she can afford to give away, not when a dangerous killer is stalking her, despite being in prison.

I honestly enjoyed this book, as I have the others in the LOVE AT STAKE series. I recommend as a good read for anyone looking for a mildly humorous, mildly edgy paranormal romance. If you have read the series before, you'll want to pick up THE VAMPIRE AND THE VIRGIN.

Check out my Good Reads review for a deeper explanation of my rating, and the bonus cover points. Be warned that there will be spoilers.

My Rating: 12/15 Highly Recommend
Bonus Cover Points: 2.5/5

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