26 May, 2010

A Flash Of Fiction: Day One (MAY)


I borrowed this book
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The Shifter is an immortal being that resides in the Mistwood. Bound by a spell that compels her to protect the king that sits on the throne and rules Samorna, the Shifter has untold powers, and follows no mortal laws.

When Prince Rokan first comes for Isabel, she has no memory of her past. She is supposed to be a mighty being, but she doesn't know what powers she possesses, or how she must protect him. And something in her doubts his claim to the throne.

An assassination attempt shatters the unease in the castle, and exposes Rokan's enemies. The Shifter must protect the true King. The truth of who this is, will divide Isabel's loyalities. Ultimately, she will have to face her own past, then decide where the Shifter really belongs.

I Liked -- Plot: There were plenty of twists in MISTWOOD, but I liked how each one happened logically. The story was well-written. The court intrigue was really the best part for me. The alignment of 'sides' and allies played out well as the support to the assassination attempts that Isabel has to stop. There were times when I wasn't sure why a particular person turned betrayer, but I wanted to keep reading to see what would happen. And the final betrayal was spectacular.

I Liked -- Character: I think the best character was that of Rokan's sister, Clarisse. There is a large portion of the book devoted to the relationship between the Shifter and Rokan, as well as the Shifter and her own struggle with loyalty. But, Clarisse is a character that makes herself be important. Though she can wear the face of coquette, I felt that Leah Cypess wrote her as the most cunning and intelligent character.

My Rating: 12/15 Highly Recommend


  1. My kind of story. Sounds wonderful. Thanks, Alise. (Hey, I finally did my first review...today. Yay!!) Thanks for your inspiration.

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  3. Great review. I'm always looking for good fantasy reads. A review should make one want to read a novel when the reviewer believes it is worthy, and your review has done just that! Congrats!

  4. Congrats salarsen!

    I'm glad that my reviews are hitting the right note. They do tend to run long, so it's nice to hear that my readers are appreciating the detail!


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