28 May, 2010

A Flash of Fiction: Day Two (MAY)

Genre: YA

I received this ARC from the publisher via Net Galley (ebook format)
Picture courtesy of Good Reads

Amy knows that she has to get away from her abusive boyfriend, so she decides to move from her home in Seattle. She ends up in a tiny, isolated town with her Aunt Mae. Here, she hopes to find peace, and maybe even happiness. Autumn has begun, and Amy is looking for a new beginning, too.

In the mist, behind her aunt's trailer, she discovers something unexpected. A farm, where the sun is always shining, and the plants and tree are in full bloom. There is a boy there; he seems to be about her age, but acts much more old-fashioned.

Though her wariness of the male species is almost palpable, Amy and Henry form a bond. The two meet in secret, and it seems that both want more from their friendship. But, then Amy learns the reasons behind the perpetual summer that Henry lives, and why he can never leave the farm. A choice will have to be made, in order for either of them to move forward.

I Liked -- Plot: THE CLEARING involves both Amy's and Henry's point of view. I liked how there was a switch between the two. It happened just enough to give me a good sense of both characters' inner feelings, while not becoming confusing. Amy's abuse is touched on throughout the novel, but not really explored very deeply. However, I thought that Henry's life (and how he came to live the same summer indefinitely) was very interesting. I wanted to linger, and visit his world, in much the same way that Amy did.

I Liked -- Character: I really enjoyed Henry, as a character. On the surface his life was simple, and uncomplicated. But, there was always something else hidden under the depths. He seemed to shoulder the need to keep his mother happy, from both a sense of need and duty, as well as love. I also liked how Heather Davis wrote his chivalry and courtliness toward Amy. It was both a relic of his time, as well as a part of his own personality.

My Rating: 10.5/15 Recommend


  1. Sounds like a good book. Thanks for the review. :)

  2. What an interesting premise! I like these little mini reviews :)

  3. @Stina: It was a nice change from all the paranormal YA that I like to read.

    @Sherrie: Thank you. I've been wanting to change things up, to keep people coming back.


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