15 December, 2010

Reading Challenge 2011: Audio Book Challenge

During the summer and fall of 2010, I read about a dozen audio books. Though, I haven't reviewed any to date, I really like the idea of pushing myself to embrace all of the different book formats, in the coming year. I also think that by participating, there is a greater possiblility that I will make more time in my blog schedule to review the audio books that I do read.

This is another challenge that was previously hosted by Alaine at Queen of Happy Endings, but the duties have been taken over by Teresa's Reading Corner. Click over to see the complete details.

Here are the different levels:

Curious: 3 Audio Books
Fascinated: 6 Audio Books
Addicted: 12 Audio Books
Obsessed: 20 Audio Books

My goal is to hit Addicted. As I figure out the books that will be a part of the challenge, or as I complete them, I will return to this post and compose a list.

Happy Reading in 2011!

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  1. Hi, I'm so happy that you are joining the Audio Book Challenge. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see as part of the challenge. I look forward to seeing what books you listen to.


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