28 February, 2011

Best Seller For A Day: Carolyn McCray's 30 Pieces of Silver

It's time for the next installment of Best Seller For A Day. If you are wondering what this great indie author program is, check out the website for all of the details, here. The short and sweet though, is that the Indie Book Collective has created a program that offers bloggers and reviewers a chance to post about one particular book on one particular day to try to garner sales and attention for indie authors. The goal is to climb as high as possible on the Amazon Bestseller list during a 24-hour period.

Author of the Day: Carolyn McCray

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A bibliophile since birth, it came as no surprise that Carolyn also starting writing at an early age.

Specifically Nancy Drew-style mysteries... at age 11!

Yes, you could find Carolyn dragging the neighborhood kids around the rolling hills of Napa, recording her “Death in the Countryside” mysteries.

Sadly those old audio cassette tapes have long since crumbled, but she has found a much longer lasting way to get the stories that percolate in that warped mind of her, out in the world.

And she writes in the genres she loves.
Thrillers, mysteries and paranormal romance.

Help Carolyn rise up the Amazon Bestseller list today! Purchase her book for only $.99. A special pricing for February 28th only, so don't wait!

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Read what other bloggers are saying about this captivating, controversial thriller, as well as a few guest posts from the author herself. Remember, not only does your purchase of 30 PIECES OF SILVER during February 28th help Carolyn McCray to soar up the bestseller charts, but participation also gets you entry into the IBC Kindle contest.

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