14 February, 2011

What is Bestseller For A Day?

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So, what is this, you ask?
It's a chance to help an author climb the Kindle bestseller list. One day only, one author, $150+ in prize packages for a lucky participant. Today's author is: Amber Scott!

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I reviewed her book, PLAY FLING here. And, you can get in on the action by purchasing this book at the Kindle Store for only $.99 on Valentine's Day only! Check out the Bestseller For A Day website for all the details by clicking on the picture at the top of this post.

Here's a little bit about the Author of the Day, Amber Scott:

Amber Scott talks to herself.

Sure she named her muse, Milla, and her inner critic, Charles, but really, these split personalities are her. All those characters in her mental waiting room are just her, too.
With all that wild conversation going on, it’s no wonder she burns dinner!
Amber started writing romance novels during her first born’s ‘nap-ortunities’ and fell in love with the whole business. Right down to what font works best on a title page.
Her addiction to chocolate gets her through the rough times and her husband and two young ones have learned to live with imaginary people.
Thankfully, all this makes for some hot, fun, adventurous reads!

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Amber's other books:

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