05 March, 2011

Book Review: Cop Appeal by Ava Meyers

Published: December 2010

Series: Red Hot Cops #2
Copping to It: Red Hot Cops #1

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From Good Reads:
People used to call her Sure-Thing-Sarah, but the only thing Sarah Larson’s sure about these days is her continuing desire and love for undercover cop Luke Anderson. Only Luke comes from money, and he’s the most honorable and sexually adventurous man she knows. Four years ago, she committed the biggest mistake of her life--fearing she wasn’t good enough for Luke, she left him to marry another cop. One, it turns out, who’s dangerously possessive.

Now, a year after her divorce is final, Luke is back and ready to show Sarah exactly what she’d been missing all this time. He’ll start by accepting her offer of mind-blowing sex in the event her marriage ever ends. Since Sarah’s a woman of her word, she gives in to Luke’s demands. For two days, she commits herself to pleasuring him and to being pleasured in return.

Eventually, Sarah’s old fears rise up to haunt her, but she’s seen the happiness she adds to Luke’s life. Their physical bond is spectacular, but there’s humor, affection, and tenderness there, too...

My Review:
Ava Meyers returns to the RED HOT COPS series with another good read that gives a taste of a woman's fantasy to do slightly naughty things with the man that she has desired for some time. Luke, the third participant in the menage that happens in COPPING TO IT, makes a return appearance as that man. As in the first book in the series, there is a certain amount of danger that lurks in the background, while the two characters explore and fulfill their sexual attraction to each other.

Sarah, the primary feminine character, is well-defined. She has a past that is revealed, but not dumped on the reader. A key phrase, one that haunts her about her reputation, is speckled throughout the novella, as a sort of subliminal reminder of both sides of her desire and fear of moving forward with Luke. Aside from that, there is also her ex-husband that is a much more tangible danger. Though he doesn't make a real appearance as a deterrent to Luke and Sarah's relationship until the end, his presence as one of Sarah's all-too real fears gives spice to the encounters that she and Luke have.

I liked that Meyers stayed away from using Luke's job in an undercover cop situation, as the seminal plotline. As with the first book in the RED HOT COPS series, there is a degree of naughtiness and sexual fantasies coming to fruition, but the different slant on why the two characters are thrown together, kept me from feeling that the book mirrored its companion novella too closely, and distinguished itself as a stand alone piece of writing.

COP APPEAL is a good addition to the RED HOT COPS series, and I enjoyed this, slightly longer than the first, novella. I think that other readers who enjoy seeing an man in uniform, out of it, while being able to experience a little bit of a "forbidden fantasy" type plot (there's another orchestrated m/f/m scene), will have fun with COP APPEAL in particular, and the RED HOT COPS series as a whole.

3/5 for plot
4/5 for characters
3.5/5 for language

My Rating: 10.5/15 (3 stars)

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