24 December, 2011

Christmas Review: The Christmas Fantasy by K.T. Grant

Author: K.T. GRANT 
Published: December 2010, DECADENT PUBLISHING  

Series: none
Source: author, no other compensation given for an honest review

From Good Reads:  
On a mission to lose her virginity before her thirtieth birthday on Christmas Day, Mandy Lockeheart plans to seduce the only man she’s ever loved; her brother’s best friend, firefighter Jackson Montgomery. With the sexy new body she’s worked hard to earn, she’s certain she can convince him to fulfill her fantasies. 

When Mandy comes to him with her sexy proposal, Jackson can’t refuse her adorable seduction. Unfortunately, Mandy’s brother doesn’t want anyone playing around with his baby sister. Jackson must choose between respecting his friend’s wishes and making love to his perfect Christmas present. 

Between Mandy’s occasionally poor body image and Jackson’s honor, the lovers must fight to realize their Christmas Fantasy.

My Review:
 Both Mandy and Jackson come to THE CHRISTMAS FANTASY with their own issues. Right off, I liked how Mandy's insecurities about her body seemed real, and not a whiny diatribe of imagined flaws. That's not to say that K.T. Grant didn't imbue Mandy with some self-esteem issues (the blurb pretty much intimates that there will be some), but I felt sympathetic to how Mandy felt, and not annoyed or disgusted. This is a fine line that many authors walk when writing about "plus-size" or "overweight" characters, especially when they are female. Grant gets it right. I felt a kinship to Mandy, and not a disconnect.

Grant has a thoughtful way with words that uses emotional impact rather than overly striking action to convey the story line. She is damn good at writing romance, doesn't fall short in the love scenes and lets the reader into the inner psyche of each of her characters. I really enjoyed reading THE CHRISTMAS FANTASY. It's not too light-hearted for a Christmas story, but it also doesn't get so heavy that it seems out of place as a holiday story.

In the end, THE CHRISTMAS FANTASY shows the determination that Mandy shows in over-coming her insecurities, approaching the man that she has feelings for, and finally claiming a happy ending that any reader who loves a pure romance would fall in love with themselves.  

4/5 for plot 
4.5/5 for characters 
4/5 for language 

My Rating: 12.5/15 (3.5 stars) Highly recommended

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