15 March, 2012

Entangled Publishing Flirts Review: Table For One by Ros Clarke

Published: February 2012, FLIRTS (ENTANGLED PUBLISHING)

Series: none
Source: Publisher, no other compensation given for an honest review

From Good Reads:
When food critic Claudia Thomas gets dumped on Valentine’s Day, she finds herself occupying a table for one at London’s hottest new restaurant. If her job wasn’t on the line, she’d skip the whole affair, but her editor’s waiting for a review—and with luck, an interview with sexy chef Ward Nicholls.

Ward, intrigued by the single woman in a restaurant full of couples, sets out to tease her palate. Claudia has never tasted anything so luscious as the special meal Ward prepares for her, but when the seduction moves from the restaurant to his bedroom, Claudia discovers the only thing more tempting than his food is the chef himself.

Their connection is instantaneous, sizzling, and spicy—until Claudia comes clean about her job, reopening a wound Ward had thought long-healed. Could one accidental lie of omission end a delicious relationship before it even has a chance to start?

My Review:
TABLE FOR ONE was sexy. There's something about a seduction via a really good meal, and I loved the set-up for Claudia and Ward's relationship. Going into the reading I knew that this was going to be a novella, and that it would probably be quite titillating, because of the moniker FLIRTS given to the imprint. All of my expectations for the novella were met with resounding success.

Ward was a very tempting character to fall in love with. Not only does he whip up delicious-sounding recipes, but he almost has this need to match up a customer with the perfect food. Even without knowing Claudia in the very beginning, he wants to give her the food that he feels is the right meal for a person alone on Valentine's Day. Ditch the menu and go by gut instinct, because to accept less is, well unacceptable.

There is a great attraction between the two, and Clarke really had me smiling at the heat they generate. To say that I wanted more is true, but I wouldn't want to invalidate how well I think Clarke did in telling a complete, short, flirty and mesmerizing tale. Sometimes and appetizer can be just as filling and enjoyable as an entree, and that was certainly the case here.

4.5/5 for plot
5/5 for characters
5/5 for language

My Rating: 14.5/15 (5 stars)

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