25 September, 2014

Blog Tour - Top Ten: Illicit Desire by Taylor Michaels (@taylor_m_author @inkslingerpr)

The below content is meant for readers 18 years and older.

About the Author:

Taylor Michaels is the pseudonym for Nazarea Andrews. Her books tend toward dark adult romance. She still likes chocolate and wine and book boys a little sexier than they should be. She can be found on Twitter and Facebook and loves hearing from readers. When not writing, she can most often be found playing taxi driver for her three daughters, hanging out with her husband at their small business, or burning dinner. She lives in Georgia.

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Top Ten Facts About the Illicit World:

Cora ran track in high school, and wanted to in college—she stopped after her first semester.

Raphael was assigned his first crew when he was thirteen. He was a low rung enforcer, then, and worked his way up while his grandfather watched from a distance.

Cora’s mother met her second husband when Cora was in first grade. Paul has been a part of her life for as long as it ever mattered.

Raphael went to University of Miami for business and architecture.

Cora’s birthday is January 17, 1988.

Miguel is Raphael’s first cousin.

Lou is from the Colombian cartel, but gave loyalty to the Ortiz cartel after growing up in the cartel.

Paul joined the Marines to get out of their small town, and it is the only time that Cora ever stopped speaking to her step-brother.

Carlita and Rosa—Raphael’s sister—were best friends before they left for Columbia. They had a falling out in Columbia.

Raphael has a new vision for the cartel—that involves mixing legitimate business with their less than legal dealings—that sometimes clashes with what his cousin and grandfather want.

Illicit Desire
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Published: 16 September 2014 by A and A Literary

Raphael is everything I should run away from…

Cora Milan came to Miami to get a fresh start, away from the memories and stigma that followed her and her brother at home. When she’s mugged, Raphael Ortiz rescues her. He’s sexy, successful, and dangerous—Miami’s most eligible bachelor and it’s most elusive. A cartel lord who lives on the wrong side of the law, with only a veneer of respectability. He is the exact opposite of a clean slate, and he makes no apologies for wanting her.

When Raphael forces his way into her life, Cora knows she should run. But the attraction between them is undeniable, and Raphael is a man accustomed to getting what he wants. The more she loses herself in him, the deeper she is drawn into Raphael’s criminal world.

But when her past, and his present collide, both of them will be left grasping for the only thing that can save them from the darkness around them—each other.

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