15 March, 2010

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I have found that my brain seems to function so much better when it has many things to process. For example, most nights I can be seen reading a book, watching television (with the captions on), and downloading music to my G1. All at the same time. And at the end of the night, I could tell you the track time of the 'Star in the Reasonably Priced Car', how many zombies Elizabeth Bennett had to kill on the road to Netherfield, and show off my newest playlist.

But, when I try to do just one thing, I can never seem to manage it. Unless, that one thing is reading a book like Matt Beaumont's newest novel.

Because, e
² has a format unlike the typical novel. We learn about the lives (and loves, and hates) of the employees of Meerkat360 through mostly emails. There are also blog posts and SMS messages thrown in for a change of pace. I will say that this is the continuing story of these characters, originally introduced in e, which I have not read. However, I haven't had any problem jumping right in and enjoying the chaos.

I know that there are other books that have used this format. The one that comes to mind right away is Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham, which I read just a few months ago. Both novels take place in England, and are quite enjoyable reads. You don't have to live in the UK to appreciate either book. You just have to have shared cubicle space or a break room with someone... how shall I say it?... crazy.
I have grown up in the age of emailing, texting, and SMSing as the alternative form of communication. (You know, instead of standing in front of someone and having a conversation with them.) So, e² is a match made in heaven for someone like me. A slightly neurotic, multi-tasking, techno-loving, reader.
Until next read,

Note: This is not a review of the book, it is merely my musings as I read. The books that I have listed under On My Bookshelf, will be books that I fully review.


  1. How I wish I could function that way! I have a hard time chewing gum and talking on the phone at the same time.

  2. Sometimes I wonder how I do it, too!


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