18 March, 2010

Priorities...And a Very Pleasant Surprise

I was all set to start reading Cat's Claw, by Amber Benson (yes, all you BTVS fans, THAT Amber Benson), and then I received a phone call yesterday. It was the handy dandy automated phone service that my township library system has set up. I had a book being held for me, which I didn't remember ordering.

Now, I could have just gone onto the website to see what was there. However, my week had not been going very well, and I thought a surprise might help cheer me up. I scurried over, when I had a few moments to spare. What I picked up was a very good surprise, indeed. I was holding a copy of Jaclyn Dolamore's Magic Under Glass. I wanted to start this book so badly, right then. I did in fact, read the first five pages, sitting in the parking lot. I was hooked by the end of the first sentence.

I now found myself with a dilemma. I had already chosen the four books that I wanted to read over the next month. I had planned to review them, and I wanted to get started because I had hoped to get my blog up and running. Three of the books are also library books, so I had prioritized my reading to avoid late charges, or holding onto a book that might be in high demand.

The whole plan went out the window. I want to read this book, and I do not have the willpower to resist. It's Magic Under Glass, and I am not ashamed to push it to the front of the line. I'll return to the books that I have on My Bookshelf, just as soon as I finish. But, for now, I am interrupting the regularly scheduled programming.

Until next read,

Most informed YA readers are aware of the controversy surrounding the book cover of Magic Under Glass. I don't aim to comment in this post on the whole deal. However, I did think that I would post the two covers, so my readers can see the differences. The one on the left (or top) is what Barnes and Noble and Amazon have on their websites. The one on the right (or bottom) is what my copy looks like.

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