06 April, 2011

Book Review: Stolen Dreams by Stacey Kennedy (Blog Tour)

Published: FEBRUARY 2011

Series: The Lingering Spirit #1 (upcoming series)
Source: Author via Book Lovin' Bitches E-Book Tours, no other compensation given for honest review

From Good Reads:
Tess Jennings has the ability to see and talk to spirits. On a daily basis, they harass and annoy her to save their souls. Sometimes she helps, other times she ignores them, but one ghost will give her no choice. Kipp McGowan, a cop with the Memphis Police Department, uses his ghostly charms to gain her attention and forces her to expose herself to his partner.

As she’s pulled into the five year old cold case of Hannah Reid she wants no part of, she finds herself in more than one precarious situation. But that’s the least of her worries―Tess begins to have a serious problem on her hands. Kipp might be dead, but he’s drop-dead gorgeous and she’s beginning to forget that he’s a ghost.

Murder and corruption has brought Tess and Kipp together. But as her feelings for Kipp deepen, she suspects she just signed herself up for a one-way ticket to the nut house, and can only hope, straitjackets come in a size four.

My Review:
At a time when I thought that I had read every paranormal concept there was to write, Stacey Kennedy kept me interested with her dead cop trying to solve a murder, and young woman who can see spirits match-up. This was my first Kennedy novel, but I have another series by her on my wishlist, and now that I've read STOLEN DREAMS, she's definitely moved up to the list of authors I must read more of. Kennedy blended paranormal romance and mystery into a much more emotional and deep read than I had expected.

Tess was a great character to follow through the novel. Of course, she started out trying her hardest to ignore this ghost who seemed to really need her help. After all, just because she can see the spirits doesn't mean that she wants to help every single one that comes along, even if this one is the spirit of a very attractive former policeman. I enjoyed seeing her doubts and reluctance to get involved, but then later her determination to find peace for two murdered souls, because it seemed human. The progression of her involvement (in the case, and with Kipp) seemed natural and organic.

But, my favorite character was Kipp. Actually it was Kipp and his partner. I loved the banter and the close guy relationship that Kennedy wrote between the two. Even with Kipp being dead and unseen to all but Tess, I liked how the friendship relationships were explored, along with the building romantic relationship between Kipp and Tess. It made the story so much more well-rounded. And, the mystery that needed to be solved wasn't lost in Tess and Kipp's attraction.

STOLEN DREAMS resonated for me because Kipp and his co-workers/friends weren't chest-beating alpha males. They worked together as a group and Tess fit into their circle well, once they believed that she could really see Kipp. And best of all, though Kipp wanted to know what he had stumbled onto that got him murdered, they really ended up helping a dead young female spirit find peace.

4/5 for plot
5/5 for characters
4.5/5 for language

My Rating: 13.5/15 (4 stars)

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