01 April, 2011

JUST VISITING: Guest Post From Kim Bowman, Author of Wayward Soul + Giveaway

I want to welcome Kim Bowman to Read My Mind today. As part of the Book Lovin' Bitches blog tour for her book, WAYWARD SOUL, she has kindly offered a guest post on her personal experience and the inspiration that led to the idea for the novel.

Bio: Kim works as an editor for Evernight Publishing and writes when she can. She just had her debut novella WAYWARD SOUL published with Astraea Press.
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Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I knew I wanted to write a paranormal romance, but I wanted it to be original and unique to me. I played around with a few ideas, but nothing was working. Out of frustration I gave up and started a different project.

Then I had a personal experience that made my muse start talking in a big way. In February 2007, after dealing with an extremely high/irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure for several years with no answer as to why, the new cardiologists I had found scheduled a heart cath.

Three days before my procedure I got this awful, sinking feeling in my stomach. It was like someone was whispering in my ear not to have the test done. At first, I thought it was nerves, but as the day went on the feeling got worse. I called and canceled the appointment. The nurse was upset. She told the doctor and HE called me. I had to listen to him explaining that as fast as my heart was beating and with my high blood pressure I was a walking time bomb and I needed to have the procedure done.

I stood firm.

When I told my husband what I had done, he was extremely angry. He even played the parent card and called my mom and dad.

I didn’t care.

Four days later (coincidence? I think not) I woke up in unbearable pain. My stepson took me to the ER where I almost died. My gallbladder was ready to explode. It was twice as big as it should have been. It was infected and the infection was running wild through my body. So much so that the doctors made me take four different antibiotics for a week before they would try to operate.

After the surgery to remove my gallbladder I went back to see the cardiologist. He told me how glad he was I didn’t listen to him because had he performed the heart cath he most definitely would have hit my gallbladder, possibly rupturing it and killing me before he realized what happened!

There’s no doubt in my mind that my spirit guide saved my life. I didn’t know much about spirit guides except what I’d heard Sylvia Browne say about hers, so I bought her book Contacting Your Spirit Guide which came with a meditation CD to help you “meet your guide” and tried it. It opened my eyes to a whole different side of paranormal I’d never really thought about. I started reading all I could on spirit guides. Slowly, the idea started forming to use a spirit guide as the basis for my story. I added my own twist and my heroine/spirit guide Zanna did the rest. The result was Wayward Soul.

Kim Bowman
(Writer in Progress)

From Good Reads:
When Zanna Seoul accidentally causes the death of a fellow spirit guide’s charge while trying to save the life of the man she loves, she is stripped of her position and banished to Earth to die. In the spirit world, one doesn’t mess with what’s written.

With Zanna no longer guiding him and his memory of her erased, Owen Nash is left wide open as the target of the vengeful spirit guide who feels he’s been wronged. A guide who also happens to be a werewolf. Once on Earth, Zanna refuses to stand by and watch Owen die, so she intervenes again, setting off a chain of events that could mean death for all of them if she doesn’t go back and undo the mess she’s made. Can Zanna succeed before the werewolf does?

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Thank you Kim, for sharing such a personal and life-changing experience! I love hearing from authors about their inspiration and personal journey while writing a book. As a special treat, Kim is offering up 1 (one) e-copy of WAYWARD SOUL to a random commenter on this post.

Please comment before April 14th, 6pm EDT.

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  1. While I'm not sure if this contest is still going on (the link says 04.14 but here it says post before 04.08) I read this posting and just wanted to comment how much I love books that are inspired by events that authors have a close connection with. And while it's unfortunate that that happen to you (and I'm glad that you are ok!)it's so amazing that it inspired you to write this book.
    I will have to go purchase the book now because I'm so intrigued by the story!

    swaggirl01 at gmail dot com

  2. The book sounds really good and I'd love to read it. You seem like a really spiritual person and rightlyfully so I guess but I've never been much into the belief of fate and spiritual guides so it'd be interesting to learn more about them.


  3. Fantastic cover, it sure managed to grab my eye :-)

    Thank you for making me discoverKim Bowman, haven't heard of her before, but will check out her works from now on :-)

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Wow!!! I'm impressed by your personal story and the courage and confidence you had to stick with your decision! You must really be in tune with your Spiritual Guide. I will be checking out "Contacting Your Spirit Guide" and hope I win "Wayward Soul" which sounds like a very thought-provoking book.



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