23 May, 2011

CONFIDENTIAL: Author Interview With Deena Remiel (Blog Tour)

Welcome to Deena Remiel, the author of Trinity (Brethren #1). I'm lucky enough to have asked her a few questions and gotten some pretty interesting answers. Find Deena at:
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RMM: Tell me a little about yourself.
DR: Well. I'm a wife to a great guy and mother to two hormonal girls. I'm an educator for 20 years now, and have been involved in writing of some kind or another since I was a teenager. My family and I live in Arizona. There's this invisible thread between the land and me. I'm drawn to the mountains and the spirituality that runs seamlessly through certain areas. My favorite foods are chocolate, potato chips, popcorn, surf and turf, and soft pretzels from Philadelphia. My favorite things to do are scrapbooking, reading, writing, playing my piano, listening to music, watching musicals and classic movies.

RMM: How would you describe Trinity one paragraph or less?
DR: Trinity is the story of a mother's fierce devotion to her daughter and an Angel's complete devotion to them. Thrust into a war between Good and Evil, mother and daughter must rely on the Brethren to keep them safe and teach them about their powerful family lineage. Faith and trust are stretched to their limits and tested beyond measure as the war rages on.

RMM: Now get me to pick up the book with three words!
DR: Hot angel love!

RMM: How easy or hard was it to flesh out the characters in Trinity? Was there one that gave you particular trouble getting from your head to the page?
DR: It was pretty easy to bring these characters to life. As I made my character cards, they sprang to life before my eyes. However, I think Emma gave me a bit of a hard time throughout. I wrestled constantly with making her as real as possible. Now, I have no idea how I would really react to facing Evil, but I made myself face that question everytime I went to write her scenes. I had to ask myself, what would I do? How would I behave? And then I had to answer as honestly and as real as possible through her.

RMM: Are you working on anything new right now? Yes, I am. Can you tell me anything about your current project?
DR: I'm working on my third novel in the Brethren series. My second novel, Relic, is in edits right now, so I busily getting into the heart of Elixxir. All of these books can stand alone or be read in order. I'm so happy to be working on the Brethren. They are like family to me already. Three more books are planned beyond Elixxir.

RMM: If you were a biographer, who's life would you choose to write about? (not your own!) Why?
DR: I would like to write about the life of a homeless person on the street. I want to know what his/her childhood was like, special rememberances, and what it was like as they grew into an adult. What was the pivotal moment that sent him/her out onto the streets? I'd want to know if they still had dreams and goals,beyond the immediate needs of a homeless person, and if so, what they may be.

And the winner is...:

Coffee or tea?

Coffee (Decaf, unfortunately) Love flavored coffee or creamer. :)

Early riser or night owl?
BOTH! I love staying up late and writing poetry and darker scenes and then waking early to be social and write some more!

Audi sedan, Toyota Prius, Honda minivan, or Ford 4x4?
Um... how about an Audi TT? For the weekend. And then a Toyota Prius for weekdays.

Laptop or desktop?

Dog person or cat cuddler?
Allergic to all things animal. So of course, I crave cuddling with ALL things furry and cute.

The Favorite Five:

5 authors who are auto-buy reads for you:

Heather Graham, Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz, Sherrilyn Kenyon

5 songs you listened to, or made you think of a character, while writing Trinity:
Calling All Angels - train
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Lullabye - Billy Joel
Something in the Way She Moves- James Taylor
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face- Roberta Flack

5 words to describe your favorite character in Trinity:
Agremon: smartass, gruesome, terrifying, faithless, EVIL

Thanks Deena! Here's a little more about TRINITY:

Purchase at: Decadent Publishing
Emma Livingston, a single mom, has been through hell—and back, so she thinks. While dealing with her five year old daughter’s night terrors, she attempts to live a normal life. That is, until the being from those very nightmares comes to visit her. Has her child been dealing with a real demon while she thought he was only a figment of an active imagination?

Michael D’Angelo is known to everyone in Prophet’s Point, Arizona, as their loving elementary school principal. But to The Brethren, he is known as the most powerful Protector. Immortal and angelic does not mean he’s without doubts or fears. While trying to protect Emma and Hannah, his tortured past comes back to haunt him. Can he overcome it? Or is he doomed to repeat a failure he has lived with for what seems like an eternity?

As Emma and Michael come together to protect Hannah, ancient secrets are revealed and faith is tested. When a prophecy is exposed, questions must be answered… Can Emma learn to trust enough to love again? Can Michael believe in himself enough to show Emma how? And will they be able to protect an innocent child, not to mention save the world as they know it, from total annihilation?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful interview. Look forward to following the tour and reading more, after all who does not like a good fight between good and evil:)

  2. Thanks, Denise! Look forward to seeing on the tour bus! lol we're headed to more great sites this week. Check out the schedule at: http://deenar116.wordpress.com/ebook-tour-2011/


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