28 December, 2011

{My} Best Of 2011

As most bloggers do, I've combed through all of my reads from this year, and compiled the best of the best (for me, of course) to showcase as 2011 comes to an end. Last year, I really narrowed things down to about the best 40 or 50 reads from the whole year. However, this year, I read almost 3 times as much. And since I read across so many genres, I decided to list my favorites according to the genres, and other categories like series books, novellas, e-book only releases, etc...

Here is the schedule that I will follow for the posting. I apologize in advance for the amount of posts I will have going up each day until the end of the year (it shouldn't be more than 3 a day, but I know some readers might feel like this blog is being bombarded with posts).

Once the post is live, I'll hyperlink each title.

December 28th

Best Series:

Begin From The Beginning (Top 5 that are first, second or third in a series)

Established Series (Top 5 that are fourth or later in a series)

Best Debut:

Top 10 of new author or new to genre author debut

December 29th

Best Sub-Genre:

Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Top 5

Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction/Fantasy Top 5

December 30th

Best Sub-Genre:

Contemporary Romance/Historical Romance Top 5

Best Novella/Best Anthology Top 5

Best E-Book Top 10

December 31st

November/December 2011 Top 5

Best YA:

Contemporary YA/Sci-Fi/Fantasy YA/Paranormal YA Top 5

January 1st

2011 Wishlist/TBR for 2012 (Top 10)

2012 Anticipated Releases (Top 10)

Hope you enjoy seeing what I loved this year. I also hope that everyone enjoyed 2011, and is looking forward to 2012 with wishlists and TBRs galore!

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