11 July, 2011

Once Upon A Read-A-Thon Update

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon
I am so happy with the progress I've made so far! Like I said in my starting post, I really want to challenge myself, so I have put myself to the task of reading at least 3 books/day, and more if I can. Here's some of the stats that I have so far in the OUReadAThon:

Books Read Completely:

Turn It Up by Inez Kelley (373 pages)
Falling Under by Gwen Hayes (324 pages)

Completed Books Total Page Count:


Total Hours Read So Far:


Challenges Completed:


Currently Reading:

Check out my starting post to see what books I'm challenging myself with, and a quick look at my progress. Want to know what challenges I participated in? See my challenge post #1. Leave a comment, if you are participating in the read-a-thon, and I'll visit some blogs later to spread a little cheerleading pep.

Thanks to Angela at Reading Angel, Lori at Pure Imagination and Candace at Candace's Book Blog for hosting this fabulous read-a-thon!

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