24 April, 2010

Book Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate


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FALLEN starts off mysteriously. The In The Beginning  prologue makes it clear that, whatever else goes on, there will be a love story involved. And what a love story it turns out to be. 

Luce Price has been sent to the Sword and Cross boarding school for her sins. A boy has died, her parents think that she is culpable, and Luce knows that she is to blame, but not why. And her punishment is this school, where the motto is: 'Meds, beds and reds.'
Then, Luce meets Daniel Grigori. He's the ultimate bad boy; unapproachable, derisive, and worst, seems to not want to even be near Luce. His attitude later reveals quite the opposite, but their love is doomed from the start. With betrayal and danger along the way, Luce must choose the path she wants to take, and at the end a marvelous discovery lies in wait.

FALLEN is a good, solid suspense novel. Lauren Kate knows how to build the anticipation to a peak, but perhaps takes just a bit too long to get there. I did like the book, but I felt that the story could have had a faster pace. As an avid reader, I didn't get lost, but I could see how it would be possible to be just a bit frustrated.

The mystery surrounding Daniel Grigori, and Luce's relationship with him isn't revealed until the very end, which I liked. I enjoy a book that will keep me reading to the last page. I just wish that the tiny, tiny scraps that were provided had added up to more, in the body of the book. While I don't want a book to be predictable, I do like to be able to feel that there is a point to all of the events.

My Good Reads review includes spoilers and an explanation of my rating.

My Rating: 10/15 Recommend
Bonus Cover Points: 3.5/5



  1. This book definitely takes AGES to just get to the point ... the problem is, you reach the end and still barely find out ANYTHING :s

    I found it a disappointment, but I'll still be reading Torment, especially after that cliff-hanger, lol!

  2. @Bella: It's clear that the story isn't over, even though the book ends. Sometimes I find this frustrating, but I would give Torment a try, just because Lauren Kate is such a good storyteller.

  3. I have seen really mixed reviews of this and I think you hit all the areas on the head. I still want to read it though


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