Review Policy

Review Policy

Authors, Publishers, Publicity Reps: If you would like me to review your finished book, ARC or ebook (PDF or EPUB format), I will be happy to do so. My specialty genres are YA and adult urban fantasy, fantasy, speculative fiction, paranormal romance and romance. I will also consider high fantasy and mystery, or thriller/suspense with romance or paranormal elements.

I will try to post my review within 90 days of receiving the material, though I do not guarantee this schedule if I have a large amount of requests pending. I read requested material on a first come is first served basis.

For ARCs or galleys, even if I have read the material, I will most likely hold my review until close to, or on, the release date. Unless I am taking part in an ARC or blog tour, I will never post a ARC review more than 10 weeks before the release date.

Please use the contact link (the envelope graphic on the left sidebar) to send me requests through Read My Mind.

Also note that I post a duplicate review on my GoodReads site. I am open to requests for posting on other sites, but note that I DO NOT POST TO AMAZON.


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