Privacy and Anti-Piracy Policy

Contest Entrants:

Most of the contests hosted on Read My Mind are open to entrants 13 years and older. Because I do review and host giveaways for books that are in adult genres, I will restrict contests that I deem inappropriate for younger readers as 18 and older. Please be sure to read all of the rules that I post with individual giveaways for specifics.

I alone, am the person who sees the information that is given. I DO NOT share ANY information with third parties, nor do I save the information in any other place than the document itself. All information from every entrant is purged after a prize has been claimed and shipped.

There are times that I will require a mailing address to be included in the form. Again, I NEVER sell or share information that is given to me. Having the mailing address is only a means to streamline the time that I have to spend dealing with information collection and shipping.

For Authors, Publishers and Publicists:

I serve to share my love of books and the people who write them. I DO NOT support piracy or copyright violators in any way. Any books-- print, audio, or electronic-- belong to those that hold the copyright. I love accepting review requests, and I will ALWAYS respect the copyright that is held.


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