26 April, 2010

Book Review: Serpent Moon by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp


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SERPENT MOON takes place in the world of the Sazi, a world that C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp have created, where shapeshifters have magic, and good and evil exist within them. This book is the eighth in the series, and introduces Eric Thompson and Holly Sanchez.

Eric is a wolf, with a powerful Sazi howl; one that is too dangerous in the human world. Holly lived most of her life as a human family member of the Sazi, being mistreated and ignored. Then, she is attacked and turned. But, being 'one of them', alienates her from the humans that were her friends.

When the two meet, Holly has found herself (and her extraordinary healing powers) the target of the evil Nasil. He is the Sazi that has helped to bring forth the destructive Marduc. Eric and Holly must figure out his plan, help in a Sazi vs. Sazi war, and hopefully find themselves on the winning side.

Oh, yes. And also fall in love. Because Eric wants Holly as his mate. However Holly only wished to be human again. She will have to choose one or the other. Amidst the war in the human world, and the war within Holly, SERPENT MOON brings together and ties off many of the story lines that had been created in previous Sazi novels.

C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp have written an excellent addition to the TALES OF THE SAZI series. Holly Sanchez had been previously introduced, and I admit that I was one of the readers that wanted more. More of her story, and more about her situation. I was not disappointed.

While there were multiple plots involved, I was able to follow along, and the different strands were brought together and seamlessly fused to make one great ending to the ascension of Marduc. The only drawback is that SERPENT MOON is not a stand-alone novel. Readers will not be able to pick up this book, if the others in the series haven't been read first.

Read my review on Good Reads for more about my rating. There will be slight spoilers.

My Rating: 12/15 Highly Recommend
Bonus Cover Points: 3/5

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  1. Great review! I have this one and cant wait until I get to it:)


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