17 May, 2010


News Item #1
I've decided to amp up my blog a little with a new feature that I am calling, EXAMINED. Basically this feature will be once or twice a month. It will examine a book or two that I might have put off reading, thought that I wouldn't like, or was recommended with no prior knowledge of the novel. I am going to start off the feature with SOULLESS by Gail Carriger, on Tuesday.

The feature won't be that different from my regular reviews. In fact, it will pretty much combine the style that I use on my blog, with that of my Good Reads site. It will be a little closer to a discussion or essay piece, than a straight-up review, though the rating system will still be in play. I hope that all of my readers like this new feature. As always, I do welcome comments.

News Item #2
The notoriously bad luck that I seem to possess has taken a holiday. I was chosen as one of the random book bloggers to receive a scholarship to the Blogger Con in NYC on May 28th. As I understand it, that includes a pass to the exhibition floor of BEA on May 26th & 27th!

So excited about this, because I will actually be able to take advantage of the opportunity. The scholarship doesn't include transportation or lodging, but since I am in Philly, I should be able to manage that on my own.

News Item #3
Last Friday, I had the opportunity to go to a book signing with Melissa Marr. The tour is to celebrate her newest release: RADIANT SHADOWS. I have read the book already, and it is a truly fantastic read. If you have read any of her previous books, you will know that Marr is an exceptional storyteller. Meeting her in person was great. She basically let us ask her questions about ANYTHING.

Some things that I learned about Marr:

-She doesn't write her books beginning, middle, end. She explained that the linear style doesn't work for her

-By the end of Wicked Lovely, Marr knew that she would be writing more books in the series, and had even started on the other novels.

-At any point in time, Marr might have 4-5 projects in play (which is amazing, considering the quality of her work.)

-Though the Wicked Lovely series is ending next year, she has already completed an adult mystery, with folklore elements, which is in primary revisions.

-Marr's illustrator for the Wicked Lovely graphic novels is from Spain, and speaks almost no English (Marr meanwhile, speaks almost no Spanish), but they manage to collaborate to produce the manga.

Also, want to find out where a certain character has gone? (For those who have read Radiant Shadows: The catalyst for the events happening in faery, with Sorcha) Read the manga.

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