16 July, 2010

Book Review: Heart's Desire by Jessie Colter


I received this book from Heeter Promotions, via the author for review (ebook format)
Picture courtesy of Good Reads

It seems as if Morgan and Skye are soulmates. After meeting him the day that he transfers to her high school (and he saves Skye from an uncomfortable situation with her ex-boyfriend), the two seem inseperable. Only, Morgan's idea of mate is vastly different than Skye's.

While Morgan is driven to protect her from any harm, his secret might drive Skye away. And, it's not a matter of if she finds out about his other hidden side, it's when. During the full moon, the animal will come out to play...

I enjoyed reading HEART'S DESIRE. The characters of Skye and Morgan were easy to understand, and relate to. Jessie Colter tells their story in third person, but lets the primary point-of-view alternate between the two main characters. In paranormal YA (especially involving shapeshifters), the male character or love interest tends to be an overwhelmingly alpha person. But, Morgan was much more emotionally fleshed out. I actually felt like I was in his head more than Skye's.

There were situations where Morgan became very alpha, but they were well placed, and important to the plot. His behavior was consistent, as an emotionally balanced person. I find that I have read too many shapesifter characters that are largely stoic, and show very few emotions aside from rage or lust. It was refreshing to read characters that seemed like they belonged in high school.

I haven't even mentioned some of the other themes that appear, such as domestic abuse, and Skye's mother, who is definitely an enabler. I've mentioned in other reviews, the perception that parents have to be bad or absent in YA books, just to allow the main characters to find their way into the trouble that might occur, as part of the plot. Without going on too long, I will just say that Jessie Colter explores this in HEART'S DESIRE, and portrays a very important theme that teens probably will encounter at some point. And, she does a good job writing it with emotion.

I don't buy that teens always have think and speak as if they are the same age as their parents. In fact, there are time that I have finished a YA book, thinking that the character's age was the only thing that made it feel YA. The bottom line is that I want to read a YA novel, and it feel like it is a YA novel. Of course, I want something well-written. I want something with good characterization, good prose, and good dialog. But, I'd like to put the book down thinking, 'Yes! I do remember those exact feelings. Maybe, just minus the boyfriend that changes into a panther on the full moon', instead of thinking that I had the same experience last week at the wine bar.

4/5 for plot
3.5/5 for characters
3.5/5 for language

My Rating: 11/15 Recommend
Bonus Cover Points: 3/5

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