09 July, 2010

Advance Review: The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa


I received this ARC from the publisher via Net Galley (ebook format)
Picture courtesy of Good Reads

Advance Review
Meghan Chase makes a return to faery in this follow-up to THE IRON KING. She has to honor the vow that she made to Winter Prince, Ash. Though she, the daughter of the Summer King, and Ash, may not be together by faery law, she is now the unwilling guest of the Winter Queen. Imprisoned in the lands ruled by Winter, Meghan finds herself the pawn of Queen Mab, the other Winter Princes, and even Ash himself.

Then, tragedy comes to the Winter Court. Mab believes that the Summer King has retaliated for Meghan's presence, but Meghan knows the truth. The Iron Fey are alive, and they have a new ruler. She knows that they will be the death of faery, if they continue to thrive. And, she's the only one that has seen them since she killed the previous Iron King. No amount of pleading will change Queen Mab's mind.

Even though, she doesn't fully understand the fae world, Meghan will once more, have to navigate the terrifying creatures that inhabit the Winter Court. Making her way to the Iron Fey's stronghold in the human world, she encounters the stuff of nightmares. All to save Summer and Winter from a catastrophic war.

After reading THE IRON KING, Meghan's first exposure to the fae world, I was truly impressed. Julie Kagawa knows how to tell a story. She is able to pull the reader in, and give them a fabulous experience in her fantastical world. THE IRON DAUGHTER is no exception. Meghan, Ash, Queen Mab, King Oberon, the Iron Fey... and yes, Puck, all make a return in this novel.

The characters are real and flawed. This is one of the best parts of reading the Iron Fey series. There are no perfect people in Kagawa's books. And, I wouldn't want it any other way. Meghan's confusion over Ash's treatment of her, and the blind trust that she still holds is part of who she is. Ash doesn't suddenly become a different person, either. Though he may have feelings for Meghan, he accepts their fate, and knows how to navigate the Winter Court, without exposing those feelings to those who would exploit them.

Every part of THE IRON DAUGHTER is significant to the plot, and moves the story forward to its finish. And, Kagawa is able to explore every part of the plot (the search for the Iron Fey, Ash and Meghan's relationship, Puck's place in Meghan's heart, the war between Summer and Winter, and Meghan's understanding of faery) without neglecting something important, or over-stating a piece of information. THE IRON DAUGHTER is one of the best follow-ups that I have ever read, and one of the best YA fantasy novels that I have read this year.

4.5 for plot
4.5 for characters
4.5 for language

My Rating: 13.5/15 Must Read
Bonus Cover Points: 5/5


  1. I LOVED this book too! Now it's MUCH too long of a wait for The Iron Queen!

  2. I know! That's the problem with reading ARCs, but I just couldn't wait!

  3. LOVED this one and team ash here all the way!


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