07 July, 2010

The Starlet by Mary McNamara: Review and Giveaway


I received this book from Regal Literary, via the publisher for review
Picture courtesy of Good Reads

Mercy Talbot is almost like every other child Hollywood star. By the time she reaches the tender age of twenty-three, she's done the drug thing, the sex thing, and even the rehab thing. So, what's left? Only one thing: climb a fountain in the beautiful Italian countryside, do a swan-dive off of the top, then emerge in a perfect rendition of a wet t-shirt contest, all to the delight of the waiting paparazzi.

It's a good thing that Juliette Grayson is there to save Mercy from certain embarrassment, and sure career suicide. Juliette knows about the gritty side of Hollywood. She's on the inside, herself. One of the people that hide the drug addictions, the overdoses, and spins even the most horrific tales for the press. But, this was supposed to be her vacation.

Juliette now has to juggle her own worries about the estate that she shares with her cousin, with the irrepressible spirit of both Mercy Talbot, and her enabling mother. And, then Michael O'Conner is thrown into the mix, as if Juliette wasn't already off her stride. Heaven help them all, when her georgeous Italian villa is invaded by Mercy's movie crew. Being on location gives a whole new meaning to the word, drama!

THE STARLET is a great summer read! I started this book at the beginning of a ten hour trip from Philadelphia, to Seattle. I had always intended to read just a little, then get some sleep on the long plane ride. But, when I had an unexpected 3-hour layover in the mid-west, I pulled THE STARLET out again, and didn't put it down until my flight was called!

Mary McNamara's voice is reminiscent of the type of book that might result from a Sarah Dessen and Susan Elizabeth Phillips partnership. At times, funny and light-hearted, at other times introspective and thoughtful, I was really pulled in by this novel. It really is the perfect vacation read.

My Rating: 11/15 Recommend

If you liked my review, and want more, this is your lucky day! Thanks to Regal Literary, a promotional company that represents the author, and the publisher, Simon and Schuster, TWO copies have been made available for me to giveaway on my blog.

The winners will receive their book direct from the promotional company/publisher, so I am not responsible for any mailing mishaps. I will give the names and addresses to them, once the giveaway concludes, and two people are randomly chosen. Good luck to all who enter!

This giveaway is only open to 18+, with US addresses. Entries accepted: July 7, Noon EDT - July 10, Noon EDT. Please fill out this FORM completely to enter.


  1. This sounds like fun, thanks for the chance to read it!

  2. Sounds like a good one! Thanks for hosting.

  3. Sounds like a good summer read.Thanks for hosting



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