23 December, 2010

A Flash of Fiction: Day Two (DECEMBER)


Published: November 2010, CARINA PRESS

I received this e-book through Net Galley for free, in exchange for an honest review

From Good Reads:
Jasmine is sick in bed when a sexy stranger breaks in and reveals she’s suffering an irreversible case of vampirism. And because her turning wasn’t approved by the Council, he must kill her once the transition is complete. In the meantime, the executioner offers to ease her torment with chocolate, hot peppers or sexual release. Fortunately for them both, Jasmine’s kitchen is bare...

Corin’s honor demands he do his duty, but he cannot execute the lovely woman while any part of her humanity remains. He must also find—and kill—her sire. Jasmine denies ever having contact with a vampire, causing Corin to question the justice of his orders. Sensing his hesitation, the Council dispatches another executioner, forcing the pair to make a run for it.

I Liked -- Plot: This is not your average vampire romance story. Dee Carney has contrived a pretty unique plot to move the story along, and force the two main characters into each other's company. Though Corin, who is supposed to eliminate Jasmine, has a tough shell, much of his backstory is explained through flashbacks. Sometimes, this can be an iffy venture, but Carney handles it pretty well, and I enjoyed learning more about the man than the fact that he is an assassin for the vampire council.

I Liked --Character: Corin was really intriguing to me. His history goes back all the way to the gladiators, and maybe because of it, he does have an oddly honorable sense of justice and mercy. Yes, the vampire council wields him like a weapon to hunt down "abominations" like Jasmine. However, there is plenty of character development to show what kind of man he was, what kind of man being a vampire made him into, and what kind of man he could be with Jasmine at his side.

My Rating: 11/15 (3 stars)

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