17 February, 2011

Advance Review: Wilder's Mate by Moira Rogers

Published: March 2011, SAMHAIN PUBLISHING

Series: Bloodhounds #1 (planned series)
Source: Author, no other compensation given for an honest review

From Good Reads:
Wilder Harding is a bloodhound, created by the Guild to hunt down and kill vampires on America’s frontier. His enhanced abilities come with a high price: on the full moon, he becomes capable of savagery beyond telling, while the new moon brings a sexual hunger that borders on madness.

Rescuing a weapons inventor from undead kidnappers is just another assignment, though one with an added complication—keeping his hands off the man’s pretty young apprentice, who insists on tagging along...

As the search stretches far longer than Wilder planned, he finds himself fighting against time. If Satira is still at his side when the new moon comes, nothing will stop him from claiming her. Worse, she seems all too willing. If their passion unlocks the beast inside, no one will be safe. Not even the man they’re fighting to save.

My Review:
So, here's the thing. When I open a Moira Rogers book, I totally expect to see flames every single time, because this author knows how to write books that are on FIRE. I found that WILDER'S MATE was no exception to the Rogers' powerhouse book collection. Rogers knows how to write good paranormal shapeshifter romance. The RED ROCK PASS series focuses on wolves, while the SOUTHERN ARCANA series has cat shifters, wolves and magic, oh my! But, WILDER'S MATE is the first book in a new series, BLOODHOUNDS, and I can't wait for more.

In WILDER'S MATE, the titular character is a dangerous hunter. As a bloodhound, he has better than human instincts. And when the moon is high, he has a hotter than fire sexual appetite that must be appeased. Somehow, Wilder struck me as less civilized than any of the authors' previous characters. He's dark, on a mission, and it seems like his human face is the mask, while the animal-the bloodhound-is his true form.

As with all of the characters that Rogers brings to life, both Wilder and Satira are both complex characters with fleshed-out back stories that are slowly revealed throughout the book. While their attraction to each other overwhelms many of the pages, and spills into HOT HOT HOT encounters, make no mistake, there is a fabulous story being told otherwise. And, there's steampunk! It's like Rogers can bring together many different themes, and create the perfect storm of romance, action, and adventure every single time they write a story.

5/5 for plot
4.5/5 for characters
4.5/5 for language

My Rating: 14/15 (4.5 stars)

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  1. Awesome. Definitely one to add to the tbr list. *smiles* Thanks Alise!

  2. Thank you for the chance to win! I've added Wilder's Mate to my TBR list!


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