02 April, 2012

Wrap Up: #Bloggiesta Finish Line

The last 30 hours have been very busy, but very productive and satisfying. When I first decided to participate in Bloggiesta, I had a huge amount of things that I wanted to get done for and on Read My Mind. Of course, life happened and I missed the first half of the event. So, joining in late, I figured that I needed to priortize those things that i wouldn't just idly do on any day.

Here's my original goal list:

1. Archive and link all of my reviews from 2012 on my reviews page
2. Update and check that all 2012 reviews are on Good Reads
3. Reduce and simplify my Good Reads bookshelves
4. Update Good Reads books read in 2012 with novellas and re-reads I'm missing
5. Create a Pinterest account for blog/bookish things
6. Make a drop-down menu for blog pages
7. Write review backlog (6 reviews for March)
8. Update blog calendar with future posts and reviews already scheduled

In blue, are the goals that I was able to fully complete. I know the basics of creating the drop down menu, but I wasn't happy with the format and look that resulted from a mostly copy/paste tutorial and using some of my HTML knowledge. I'm going to tinker around with it a little more. I also started on the reviews, but only made it halfway through.

You can see how much time I spent on each task at my starting line post HERE and how I got along with The Book Vixen's mini-challenge HERE.

Part of the fun of bloggiesta is really getting a feel for the blogging community, making new friends, discovering new blogs, and trying out mini-challenges. Unfortunately, I didn't have as much time to do this as I wanted. I did log into the twitter chat on Sunday morning. Even with the conversations moving quickly, I was able to make connections with several people and get some help with a few issues and questions. I visited a few blogs, but not nearly as many as I had hoped I'd be able to, due to the fact that I was unable to access the internet on my laptop for the greater part of Sunday.

I completed The Book Vixen's mini-challenge dealing with a comprehensive blog back-up

I completed Joy's Book Blog mini-challenge and plunged into the world of Pinterest

Ongoing is my attempt to improve my SEO using the advice from April at Good Books and Good Wine

All thanks to Suey at It's All About Books for hosting this year. I'm already looking forward to the next Bloggiesta September 28-30, 2012

Let's Talk:
If you bloggiesta-ed this weekend how'd you do? Leave a link to your post or a comment.
If you didn't and you're a blogger, what one thing might you put on your goal list for a future bloggiesta?
Not a blogger at all? What might you want to see changed or improved on Read My Mind? I'm taking suggestions for September!


  1. Wasn't the twitter chat great? It was one of my favorite things about Bloggiesta. I didn't complete all of my goals, but I did make headway, and I found some very cool ideas from my fellow bloggers. I like that we also created these public 'To Do' lists - I plan to go back to mine until I have finished everything!

    You can check out my finish line post if you'd like.

  2. Oh I totally missed the twitter chat. Oh well, but I originally didn't sign up. I still had a very productive weekend though.

    My Bloggiesta Weekend

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  3. It looks like you got quite a lot done. My big project was to create a review archive page which took a long time as I had to do 2+ years of reviews to do. Now I want to figure out how to do name attribution jumps.

    I would also love to figure out how to do drop down menus - something I really need to look into.

    Here's my finish page if you want to see all my progress.


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