05 March, 2011

Book Review: Copping to It by Ava Meyers

Published: December 2010

Series: Red Hot Cops #1
Cop Appeal: Red Hot Cops #2

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From Good Reads:
Respected journalist Claire Fullerton fantasizes about being a bad girl, but she also fears that revealing her dark fantasies will open her up to being hurt.

When undercover cop Ty Williamson enters her life, the intense passion she feels for him scares her. Even though Claire is tempted to reveal the vixen inside her, she decides to play it safe and walk away, when walking away is the last thing she wants to do. Months later, Claire is captured by a notorious gang of bikers, the Demon Guardians, the same gang Ty has infiltrated.

Ty and his partner, Luke, have managed to earn the trust of the gang they are trying to shut down. When a senior gang member orders Ty to prove his loyalty by having sex with Claire, all he can think about is getting her to safety - until he sees the desire burning in her eyes...

My Review:
I read all kinds of romance, but there's something about a book that explores a woman's desire to fulfill one of her fantasies that I really am intrigued by. COPPING TO IT does just that, with the female lead, Claire. It seems as if she is caught in a bad situation all too easily, and ends up in the clutches of a ne'er do well bike gang that uses public sexual acts, as a way to initiate its members. Of course, the person that she is "given" to, is long-time crush, and undercover cop, Ty. And, so begins her fantasy to be a bad girl with this man that she has loved for many years.

I quite enjoy a good friends-to-lovers story, but I am not so keen on the unrequited (until some inciting event happens to tip the male character over the edge) trope that can happen in romance. It's interesting how Meyers managed to somewhat blend both aspects of these tropes into something different. Ty certainly has feelings for Claire, but his undercover work has prevented him from acting on anything. On another hand, he obviously sees Claire in a new light when he realized her intense desire to act on, what most women might consider forbidden fantasies, especially in light of the inherent danger they could both be in, if the stand-in leader of the biker gang discovers Ty's real identity.

All in all, I really enjoyed the intense heat between Claire and Ty and the way that the semi-public (or voyeuristic) sexual scenes were written. The pacing is done extremely well; there is an m/f/m scene that happens when the characters should be trying to make their escape, but the briefness of the interlude, and the danger they might be in by delaying is kept in the forefront. I didn't feel that this paused the plot, in any way.

Looking for a milder, quick read that illuminates a sexual fantasy that both men and women could enjoy? Look no further than COPPING TO IT. It will get your pulse pounding, and keep you on the edge of your seat with a story line that expands slightly beyond the sexual content.

3.5/5 for plot
4/5 for characters
4/5 for language

My Rating: 11.5/15 (3.5 stars)

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